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Pushing Images With The Massdriver CLI

This method is the easiest way to push container repositories on any Massdriver supported cloud. It requires the latest release of the Massdriver CLI which can be downloaded here. Massdriver makes pushing images in any cloud easier by providing a cloud agnostic utility in the Massdriver CLI. The mass image push command will create a registry in the provided region if one does not exist, build your docker image and push to the named repository.


    mass image push {{namespace}}/{{image_name}} --region {{desired_region}} --artifact {{your_artifact_id}} --image-tag v6

In the above example massdriver would create a registry with the namespace provided, and push your built container as the image name in that registry. The artifact ID is a unique idenifier for a credential artifact in Massdriver that is authorized to access the cloud account you are pushing the image to. The tag is the image tag which can be used to signal container orchestration systems which version of the image to pull.

build-contextb.The root directory docker should use as the build context.
dockerfilefDockerfileIndicates a nonstandard dockerfile name like
image-tagtlatestVersion of the docker image.
artifactaN/AMassdriver artifact ID.
regionrN/ACloud provider region to push to.
platformplinux/amd64Platform architecture to build the container for.