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Deploy a Preview Environment

Deploys a preview environment in your project.

Preview environments can be deployed arbitrarily from the command line or from pull requests and your CI/CD pipeline.

A configuration file with credential details and package parameters is required.


Deploy a project named "ecomm" specifying a CI context (ci-context.json) and a preview.json file from mass preview init.

mass preview init --output=./preview.json
mass preview deploy ecomm -c ./ci-context.json -p ./preview.json

CI Context Push Events

GitHub and GitLab workflow events are officially support, but any CI Context file can be provided so long as it follows the format:

"pull_request": {
"title": "Your title",
"number": 1337

title which will be used as the description of the environment and a "PR" number which is used in the environment's name and slug.