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An application environment or workspace that a bundle will be deployed to. Massdriver doesn't enforce any governance on how you design your targets. Targets can be modeled by application stage (production, staging, development), by region (prod-usw, prod-eu), and even ephemerally per developer (alice-dev, bob-dev).


Changing targets from staging to production, and adding a 'beta' environment.

Massdriver separates authentication and scale from the parity that is enforced by a project. This allows targets to share the same 'architecture' for staging and production, but have a different scale for cost savings purposes.

It can be difficult to figure out the differences in configuration between two different environments. Massdriver Targets support a visual comparison, quickly highlighting the difference between staging and production, US West and the EU, or any combination of targets.

Target Comparison

Staging and production environment with different storage configurations and instance sizes.