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type Package {
id: ID!
namePrefix: String!
params: JSON!
status: PackageStatus!
createdAt: DateTime!
updatedAt: DateTime!
activeDeployment: Deployment
decommissionable: PackageDeletionLifecycle!
manifest: Manifest!
paramsSchema: JSON!
providerResources: [ProviderResource]
target: Target!
deployments: [Deployment]
connections: [Connection]
artifacts: [Artifact]
packageAlerts: [PackageAlert]


id (ID!)

namePrefix (String!)

params (JSON!)

Package configuration parameters

status (PackageStatus!)

createdAt (DateTime!)

updatedAt (DateTime!)

activeDeployment (Deployment)

decommissionable (PackageDeletionLifecycle!)

Checks if this package can be decommissioned.

manifest (Manifest!)

paramsSchema (JSON!)

providerResources ([ProviderResource])

target (Target!)

The environment this package will be deployed to

deployments ([Deployment])

connections ([Connection])

artifacts ([Artifact])

Artifacts provisioned by this package

packageAlerts ([PackageAlert])

Current alarms for this package