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Massdriver Docs

Massdriver is a diagram-based platform orchestrator that enables engineers to deploy production-ready internal platforms with self-service control over infrastructure and applications in minutes.

Features that Teams Love:

  • Infrastructure-as-Diagrams: Diagrams as the source of truth. Onboard team members faster with accurate representations of your cloud environment.
  • Anti-lockin: Use the best tool for the job in each cloud with the same interface. All infrastructure and applications run in your cloud account - walk away anytime without a migration process.
  • No black boxes: Our bundles and design docs are all open source.
  • Parity: Each project is a blueprint with adjustable scale per application environment, region, or tenant.
  • Secure & Compliant: Each provisioning runs security benchmarks and compliance scanning.
  • Automated IAM Management: No one enjoys managing IAM; Massdriver gives teams principal of least privilege by default.
  • Secrets Management: Secrets are per-row encrypted at rest and dynamically injected into applications at runtime.
  • Deletion Protection Everywhere: Integrated OPA rules stop accidental deletion of critical infrastructure.
  • Visual Comparison Engine: Visually diff environments, regions, and deployment history. No more clicking endlessly through a cloud dashboard or reading config files to find out why "it worked in staging."
  • Integrated Monitoring and Alerting: Infrastructure ships with common sense metrics and thresholds that can be customized. Feel free to cancel PagerDuty - we'll wake you up for free!
  • Naming and tagging conventions: All resources managed by Massdriver have a consistent naming and tagging convention. One less bikeshed to paint.
  • Fast-tracked compliance: Correct infrastructure diagrams, activity logs, bundle source code access, resource manifests, and change/deployment history. Everything a compliance auditor desires in their extremely exciting life.
  • Infinitely Extensible: Extend the platform with the open-source infrastructure-as-code tools your team is familiar with, like OpenTofu, Terraform, Helm, and Pulumi (coming soon).

Massdriver includes 50+ infrastructure and application bundles designed by industry experts focusing on security and best practices with support for AWS, GCP, Azure, and Kubernetes (in cloud or on-prem).

Massdriver is an extendable platform. We don't want to be the black box that Platforms-as-a-Service offer. With Massdriver, teams can design private bundles and applications, or request bundles and we'll add it to our roadmap.

Massdriver integrates with any CI system and provides a unified infrastructure and application continuous deployment system.

We fully dogfood Massdriver, and all of our bundles are open-sourced.

Getting started

We've got some great getting started tutorials on YouTube.

We are here to help