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Mass CLI Overview

The Mass CLI is a powerful command line interface for interacting with the Massdriver platform. It is used to build and publish bundles, manage deployments, and more.


Brew Installation

To install the Mass CLI using Homebrew, run the following command:

brew install massdriver

Go Installation

To install using go:

go install

Make sure that your $GOPATH/bin is in your path.

Manual Installation

To install (or update) the Mass CLI manually, download the latest release from the Mass CLI releases page.

Select the file that matches your operating system and architecture, i.e. for Mac OS users.

Unzip the mass file and move it to a directory in your $PATH, i.e. /usr/local/bin.


For Mac OS users, you will need to allow mass to run by opening the System Preferences app, clicking on Security & Privacy, and clicking on the Open Anyway button. You may need to do this a second time after attempting to invoke the mass command.


In order to execute commands against your Massdriver organization, you must set environment variables for the CLI to use.

Find your organization ID

To find your organization ID, hover over your organization name logo in the top left corner of the Massdriver UI and click the copy button next to your organization ID.

Use your organization ID in the Massdriver CLI

To use your organization ID in the Massdriver CLI, export the MASSDRIVER_ORG_ID environment variable to the value of your Organization UUID.

export MASSDRIVER_ORG_ID=your-org-id

Finding your Org ID

Setting The Serivce Account

  1. Visit the Service Accounts page
  2. Click 'Add Service Account'
  3. Give the service account a name
  4. Click the 'clipboard' icon.

You'll need to export your key to the following environment variable:

export MASSDRIVER_API_KEY=fookey9000!

See the Commands

  • mass - Massdriver Cloud CLI