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Bundles are the basic building blocks of infrastructure, applications, and architectures in Massdriver. They are composed of Terraform modules or Helm charts.

Massdriver includes a number of pre-built best practices and reference architecture bundles, but you may also develop your own.

A Massdriver bundle typically serves a single purpose rather than abstracting an entire cloud service. Instead of terraform modules like "AWS RDS" they will typically be designed around the use case a software engineering is looking for like "AWS RDS MySQL". In Massdriver, we advise against bundles like 'S3 Bundle' and instead suggest bundles like 'S3 Logging Bucket' or 'CDN' (using S3 & CloudFront).

Bundles can be added from the bundle sidebar when viewing a project. Bundles

Keeping infrastructure and applications up to date can be tedious. Whenever an update is published to a Massdriver bundle, an indicator lets you know it's time to update. Official Massdriver bundles are forward compatible and include Open Policy Agent rules to prevent accidental deletion of critical resources.

Bundles Up-to-Date