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How to fork a Massdriver bundle

Forking a Massdriver bundle is useful to test contributions to official Massdriver bundles or to make changes to a bundle and publish as a private bundle in your Massdriver organization. This guide will walk you through the process of forking a Massdriver bundle and publishing it to your Massdriver organization.

Forking a Massdriver bundle

  1. To fork the bundle, click the Fork button in the top right corner of the bundle's GitHub repo
  2. Select the organization you want to fork the bundle to, and select a name for the forked bundle's repo
  3. To make changes to the bundle, clone the forked repo to your local machine and make the changes you want to make

Contributing to a Massdriver bundle

  1. Open a tracking issue to describe the change or fix you plan to implement
  2. Make the changes to the bundle and push them to your forked repo
  3. Click the Contribute button on your forked bundle's GitHub repo to open a PR to the Massdriver bundle repo
  4. FIll in the pull request template and create the PR

Publishing a forked bundle to your Massdriver organization


This step requires the use of the Massdriver CLI. If you haven't already, install the Massdriver CLI.

Local environment variables to export:

  • Create a Service Account and export the MASSDRIVER_API_KEY environment variable to the value of your Service Account key.
  • Copy your Organization ID and export the MASSDRIVER_ORG_ID environment variable to the value of your Organization UUID.
  1. Make the changes to the bundle and push them to your forked repo
  2. Using the Massdriver CLI, build the bundle and publish it to your Massdriver organization
mass bundle publish
  1. Drag your bundle into the Massdriver UI to deploy it

Need continuous deployment? Check out the GitHub Action to publish your bundle to your Massdriver organization.