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Custom Validation Messages

Massdriver provides a straightforward way of adding custom validation messages for complex properties. Here is a simple example

type: integer
title: "Read Capacity"
minimum: 1
maximum: 3000
minimum: "must be larger than 1."
maxiumum: "must be less than 3000."

This example is overly simple. The stock validation messages for maximum and minimum are exactly this. However in situations with really complex regular expression matching, a simple message for the user will always be more useful than returning the regular expression and making a user parse it, which is the default behavior for RJSF.

Here is an example of a GCP GRN.

type: string
title: "GCP Resource Name (GRN)"
description: "Resource identifier provider by GCP"
- "projects/my-project/global/networks/my-global-network"
- "projects/my-project/regions/us-west2/subnetworks/my-subnetwork"
- "projects/my-project/topics/my-pubsub-topic"
- "projects/my-project/subscriptions/my-pubsub-subscription"
- "projects/my-project/locations/us-west2/instances/my-redis-instance"
- "projects/my-project/locations/us-west2/clusters/my-gke-cluster"
pattern: "^projects\/[a-z0-9-]+\/[a-z]+\/[a-z0-9-]+(?:\/[a-zA-Z0-9-_.]+){0,6}$"
pattern: "The provided GRN does not follow the expected pattern. See the examples for valid GRNs."