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Mass Application Patch

mass application patch

Patch individual package parameter values


Patching application configuration on Massdriver.

Your application must be published as a bundle to Massdriver first and be to an environment (target).

Patching will perform a client-side patch of fields set on --set.

The --set argument can be called multiple times to set multiple values.

--set expects a JQ expression to set values.


You can patch applications using the fully qualified name, its slug, or its ID.

The slug can be found by hovering over the bundle in the Massdriver diagram.

Using the fully qualified name:

mass application patch ecomm-prod-db --set='.image.repository = "example/foo"'

Using the slug:

mass app patch ecomm-prod-db-x12g --set='.image.repository = "example/foo"'

Using the ID:

mass app patch DC8F1D9B-BD82-4E5A-9C40-8653BC794ABC --set='.image.repository = "example/foo"'
mass application patch <project>-<target>-<manifest> [flags]


  -h, --help              help for patch
-s, --set stringArray Sets a package parameter value using JQ expressions.