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Mass Infrastructure Configure

mass infrastructure configure

Configure infrastructure


Configure infrastructure on Massdriver.

Your infrastructure IaC must be published as a bundle to Massdriver first and be to an environment (target).

Configuration will replace the full configuration of an infrastructure package in Massdriver.


You can configure infrastructure using the fully qualified name, its slug, or its ID.

The slug can be found by hovering over the bundle in the Massdriver diagram.

Note: Parameter files support bash interpolation.

Using the fully qualified name:

mass infrastructure configure ecomm-prod-vpc --params=params.json

Using the slug:

mass infra cfg ecomm-prod-vpc-x12g -p params.json

Using the ID:

mass infra cfg DC8F1D9B-BD82-4E5A-9C40-8653BC794ABC -p params.json
mass infrastructure configure <project>-<target>-<manifest> [flags]


  -h, --help            help for configure
-p, --params string Path to params JSON file. This file supports bash interpolation. (default "./params.json")